Taking a very long time fetching

In to my first migration of this version and notice this

I took this shot at 9:30am so it’s been running for an hour just fetching

the zip file is only 2gb in size.

I assumed it was actually migrating but it’s still fetching looking at the size of the zip in the inbox its only 600mb.

If your network isn’t very fast I could see it taking that long, did it error out at some point or finish? Do you know what kind of internet speed you have on the source and destination servers and if they were being throttled or overloaded for any reason?

To fetch the zip files we are essentially just streaming them down using pretty low level web functions, so I suspect that the error lies somewhere in the network. If you see any errors or other clues in the logs that could be helpful too!


the servers are located in the same ottomatic.cloud data center in LAX.

Do you see any errors in the otto logs? Did the deployment finish eventually and have any errors?

I split the files into different deployments 9 files together and then one file by itself it’s still fetching for the past 8 minutes will see how long it takes.

This one file copy operation is still just fetching for nearly an hour and just went to a 500 error screen. it’s still just spinning i can send you which server it is on.

Check to see how long your source server normally takes to make a copy of that file? How long it did take to prepare the “build”. You should also be able to tell that from the logs on the source server.

That would tell us if the building is taking the time or the fetching. If the build is reasonably short then we want to focus on the fetching. You can look in the logs again to see when the fetching. And even more importantly if it still fetching or if something caused OttoFMS to restart. You can tell OttoFMS restarted because it will go through it’s boot sequence in the log.

You can send us the logs if you want us to look. If it turns out to be a network issue we can look the Ottomatic team in to see if there is something going on LA


Ok I got your logs and other info.

It looks like it took about 6 minutes to prepare the build. That isn’t too bad.

I’d like to the see otto-info.log file from the build server. I want to see what happens there. might as well send me the otto-info.log from both servers.



there may be something afoot with my destination server it’s just not receiving data from source server.


So I just looked the logs you sent me. The file that you call Prod otto-info.log is from a server that is not on Ottomatic. The dev one is on Ottomatic. Where is the one that isn’t Ottomatic? Could there be a network slowdown between the two?


one is on fmsdb.com the other is on ottomatic.cloud same lax data center

Hey Stephen,

The Ottomatic peeps tweaked the network in the Data Center.

Give it a try again. Let us know.



Updated to the latest version 4.1.1 on both servers the zip is taking a while to build. I it is just as slow on the fetch the zip size is only a few hundred kb after 15 minutes.

What is the mechanism for moving files between servers? HTTP? FTP? Is there some way to mount a shared volume between servers to make transfers go faster?

ok still no joy i just ran downtown and did some errands and now at 1.75 hours the 2gb file via a transfer still spinning and the size of the archive only increased a few hundred mb

Hi Stephen,

This feels like a server and data center thing not an OttoFMS thing. I’ll ask the Ottomatic folks to look at more closely.