Team collaboration

Has anyone found a good procedure for team collaboration on a file?

We would go for a single development server in which devs would pull from production to work. We have developers that are assigned to clients and every solution has a different name.

Sometimes, for big projects or too many changes requested, another developer could assist. I’m not seeing too much of a problem here, as these require communication in the first place, so they will work in the same development file and the main dev will push to prod in the end.

Another case would be support tickets during development. Another department takes care of these. I’m not seeing them asking devs for every single ticket if the state of the current dev file is the same, in other words if they shouldn’t be pushing a fix from that dev file because there is ongoing development that could cause problems if unfinished.

I don’t think it’s much of a problem if they actually know there is development, so I’m leaning towards deleting the development “branch” at the end of it. Verifying the absence of dev on the dev server would leave the support free to pull and do their fix from a to z. In the opposite scenario, they can work on the dev file then warn the developer there is a bug fix pending that should be pushed asap.

We don’t send developers on server consoles (thus OttoFMS), so I would like to automate this. If I understand the documentation correctly, the Otto Developer Api wouldn’t permit this, but I could use the Admin API Proxy to reach the “remove a database” call using the otto api key?

I don’t know if I’m missing something more obvious than that. I don’t want to reinvent the wheel, and I want to keep things simple so support can stay fast.

I’m curious if most people that have been running Otto for a while prefer to keep the dev file ongoing and refresh it from time to time, or prefer to clean up after deployment!

I think that most people just leave the dev files on a server for long periods, with regular refreshes.This is fine if work is continuous, but if it is sporadic it would probably be best to take things down from dev.

The Admin API Proxy would let you remove a file with an Admin API Key.

You can hopefully think of the OttoFMS Developer API as an extension of the FileMaker Server Admin API. You should be able to use them together to automate things like you talking about. That is the intent behind the design.

You can get some hints about where we are headed with some of these ideas when you look at “Builds” and “Public Builds”.

We’d like to take that up a notch to something like a “Release”.

Hope this helps



Thanks Todd, this is helpful!