Test for offsite backup

Otto 3 has a run now button as well as the ‘test’ when setting up the offsite backup
This is not there in Otto 4, is this deliberate/ a limitation???

When you enter the credentials, the connection is tested. So there isn’t a need for the “test” function.

OttoFMS creates a backup schedule and connects it to your offsite backup. You can run that backup schedule whenever you like, including “now”. You do have to go to the Admin Console to do that. Not great, but we do give you a link to navigate there quickly.

We could add a “run now” button to the offsite backup settings screen, and we probably will at some point,

Sorry for not having the docs for this part done yet. This week I’ll get them in place.


May be a run now was what I was expecting the old test button would do…
There might be a good reason to fire off a ‘run now’ version that you want to keep for the purpose of documenting a migration where this involves substantial changes. Also the check that the files you want have made it into the zip??

As you know, just poking things…

Happy to have the feedback. :slight_smile: