Unexpected Dependencies for Windows Environment

Took me a little while to find out why I couldn’t use the generate key, or moving a key normally to setup a new server. Installed it on a second machine and had the same issue. Turns out the tool relies heavily on the “Options” verb, and during a security audit last year, we were asked to turn that off in all our environments. I’ve found several other functions that refuse to work without it on. Thought I would pass it on for anyone else that might run into this.

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Could explain a bit more about your post. I am not sure what you are referring to. What key are you referring to? I want to make sure we can get some good documentation on this.

The OPTIONS is required by CORS, which as in important security mechanism, if you want to expose REST API’s to browser requests, which we do. It is a legitimate and acceptable standard.

If your server doesn’t need CORS or doesn’t have any other use for OPTIONS than it should be turned off. But that isn’t the case here.



Totally makes sense. I’m talking about this area:

I believe the error it showed was fetch failed.

Ok yes that makes sense.

If access to the server is restricted with extra rules, then not much is going to work properly.

Thanks for posting more info. It’s helpful.