User Task Checkbox - Feature Request

I have finished my first full-fleet deployment using OttoDeploy/OttoFMS… Aside from a few bumps it went well. The OttoDeploy/OttoFMS look great! Nice UI refresh.

I have a couple requests. I am aware the OttoDeploy is a web interface but I sorely miss a couple feature from its FMP predecessor:

  • File Select/Deselect (already reported in a separate thread)
  • Found Set

In Otto v3 I would perform a FIND of the migrations to work though. Let’s say UI updates. This would narrow my work list to 13 from 30 in my migrations. As I work the list, I would omit the completed migration and move onto the next.

Two things that would vastly improve OttoDeploy:

  1. Selection Checkbox in the Deployments List View
  2. Find Action to select only the deployments with the check box enabled

To be clear, I do not want to select X number of deployments in the master list and tell OttoDeploy to GO. (While that may be nice to select all and run, it would TERIFY me to run that.)

All I would like to do is:

  • Find all UI update deployments (14 found of 35 total)
  • Set a checkbox
  • Then Find All deployments with the checkbox enabled (13 found)
  • Work a deployment, uncheck a box
  • Find All deployments with checkbox enabled (12 found)
  • Rinse and Repeat

Once the work list is empty, I can do something else.

This is what my process looks like now:

The list the left is my work list. The OttoDeply list in the middle is all of the migrations I have defined. (At least the ones that fit the view.) The OttoFMS open on the right is the LAST ONE for today.

I was only about to run 3 deployments at a time. When doing both UI and DATA/DOCs deployments, It gets too confusing to have more than 3 running at a time.

The OttoDeploy list is getting blurry for me right now. I have been sitting here for 5 hours updating FMS, Windows Server OS and our solution files on 13 servers. The last 3 hours have been updating all 600+ solution files.



Hi Jeff,

Glad everything went well. 600 solutions files! This is awesome. And it makes me so happy. And this is really only the beginning of what we are going to be able to do with this new foundation

We already have filtering of the Deployments list implemented in the next build of OttoDeploy. It will be out next week.

We are also planning on implementing check boxes on files and on deployments.

That will come very quickly, maybe even in the same release next week.

Thanks for the feedback. Keep it coming