Video - OttoFMS building ahead of time and seeding a staging server

Given the issues reported here in the forum about handling large files I thought I would posts a demo about how to make this work, even with the current issues. As I mentioned in other posts we have some optimizations and improvements coming, but even with those improvements the techniques I discuss here will come in handy.

The key thing to remember is that it takes a lot of resources to move a large amount of data off of a server, and it takes time. If the server is a production server you have to be extra careful with that.

OttoFMS separates building from deploying. By default we lead you towards a Just in time build as part of the deployment. The deployment, kicks of a build and then uses that build for the deployment. But you can do a Build first, move the “Build” files off the server and then use the “Build” in any number of deployments.

I could for example reset a staging server every night with that same build, and new dev code. I don’t need to bother the production server every night for new data. I only need to do that when I decide that it would be worth doing.

In the video below, I setup and run a Build and then use that Build as part of a deployment to seed a staging server. The video almost 19 minutes long, but a good ten minutes is just watching the thing run. The build step, during which I paused the video. took about 15 minutes. The seeding of staging to 7.5 minutes.



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