Webhook calls, logging

Are the webhook calls logged, or is the assumption that the OttoReceiver file is your log?
What about logging failure errors?? i.e.if one comes in and that file is down at that moment in time… because of some update or other…

What happens to Otto when you are in a remove/update/restart cycle for the server software?

Hey John.

If OttoFMS is running but your file is closed or otherwise not able to receive the call Otto will log that int the receiver and respond with 400 level response. The web hook sending service should do retries if it doesn’t get a 200.

Iff OttoFMS isn’t running then again the response would not be a 200 and the calling service should retry.

That is all that a service running on the FMS machine could really do. Since if it is down it would fail.

In order to provide more than that you need another service running a different machine. We will likely provide such a service as a part of Ottomatic.

You could also use connect for this

Hope that helps



Yes thanks, am just doing in integration with GoCardless which is REALLY chatty with webhooks, but if I parse them to automate next actions, I am working out the error and failure scenarios…
Andm just generally doing my experimenting thing!! :grin: