Webhook Registry URL copy to Clipboard

When looking at the Registry and clicking the option to view/test webhook

At the top, there is a URL with the option include API key and a button to copy the URL to the clipboard

However, the results include an abbreviated key with the ****** on the clipboard rendering it useless.

The copy option should include the full URL even if the key is not displayed

Well that definitely won’t work. I’ll take a look Stephen! thanks for the report.


Which version, I have been using this without seeing this issue for. a few weeks now

There was change to that part of the UI code in 4.1.0 that likely introduced this bug

Agreed, just confirmed with 4.1.0
Copy pasting just the key works, even though it shows with part obscured

Hey y’all,

I have a fix put together for this, it will be included with the next version of OttoFMS. Thanks for the report!


This is fixed in OttoFMS version 4.2.0!

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