Webhook testing

I have a file I am using on a previous Otto server.
Closed, downloaded, deleted all records, uploaded, opened

Set up a web hook to it, and got the key successfully

On test the web hook using the View/Test from the console, the web hook gets through i.e. I have records created in my file but I am shown that there is an error:
Failed TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘useScriptResult’) + “. code:” + -2

This is because I have returned an empty/ null value to the Exit Script step of the OttoReceiver, works as expected if I just send a True. This probably needs documenting… if it’s not an error…

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Thanks John. Good catch.

We have an Add-on for WebHook receiving coming out soon. It will put everything you need in place. That should make this easier.

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One of the thing I will mention in my Engage session is that if you use the script name ( var, var, var ) notation to title your scripts then they can’t be called by OData… there’s stylistic reasons to do that.
But it is in SimpleQ so I have to use a personal hacked version to talk to it from other files using OData…
just to bear in mind for the add-on…