What happens to the encryption key when I upgrade OttoDeploy to a new version?

@john_r asks

“Q. And what happens if you download a new version, will it have your EK in it? or does it carry over from ‘my’ version?”

A. For the OttoUpdate feature to work properly you will have to enter your Encryption Key, user name and paswords for OttoDeploy. OttoFMS will then use that information to upgrade your copy in place.

Does that answer the question, @john_r



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Should do, will test as soon as there is a new version…

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This is one of the key new features we are enabling. We want to make it possible for anyone to make an app that can be Auto Updatable on a server running OttoFMS. This is the first version of it. But at the heart of is a new concept we call Builds and Public Builds. With builds you can already sort of do it. But we are going to make it even easier.

This is another reason why OttoFMS is now free.


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I am already thinking of uses for this…

One of which is, download a clone, do some work on it locally (while travelling, say) on laptop, be able to upload it back and deploy in one smooth action…

Yes this is another idea we have. But in our vision, you just upload the clones using Our file Uploader. It will ask you for creds and do a migration.