When moving to a new server instance

which will end up with the same fqdn as it’s a replacement / upgrade

is there a way to generate/copy an admin api key that is the same as on a previous Otto server, or are all webhooks going to have to be made new and all users of them need to be updated?

or, part 2
is there a way to export the webhooks so they could be updated with new key details if this is in fact required, and then imported into new Otto. I sense a no, but could there be?

I think exporting and importing api keys is something we will add at some point, possibly registered webhooks too.

In the meantime you can copy the data/db.sqlite file from the old computer to the new computer,

  1. stop OttoFMS
  2. copy the db.sqlite file onto new computer
  3. start OttoFMS

That should do it.

Does that help?


Will let you know when I have done it, was just writing a migration plan to discuss with customer next week.

@john_r - Did you manage to test this? Realising this is actually pretty critical from a Disaster recovery perspective too. @toddgeist is there any was to automate the backing up of the data/db.sqlite file? Would be really nice to get this included in the backups for instances hosted by Ottomatic.cloud?

Hi James,

This is on our roadmap.



@JamesG not yet. Am with this customer this week, but as this is part of a server migration to a new instance, its most likely to happen over the summer when no students are around…