Where can I download a build after the build is complete and the window is closed

After the build is complete I can download it right in the fin screen. After I close that screen I cannot see anywhere an option to download that build.

Could you please add that option?

Many thanks

Hello Tobias,

After a build is complete it will be in the OttoFMS Outbox on the server you ran it on. You can download it from the File Manager in the OttoFMS console on that server.

Then each build will have a folder:

You can go into the folder and download the manifest for the build or the .zip of the files directly from the file manager.

Would you rather be able to do this directly from OttoDeploy without having to go into OttoFMS?


Thanks, I noticed that. But it would be really good to be able to download it right from the build menu in the OttoDeploy file. Since the functionality is already there (you offer the download after the build completes) it should be possible to download it after closing that screen as well. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback Tobias! We could probably get a feature like that in there, I’ll add it to the list, its a good idea!


Hey Tobias,

In version 1.2.0, builds can now be downloaded or deleted after fact from OttoDeploy! As long as the build still exists on the source server you can download it. Thanks!


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