Windows Issue with OttoFMS 4.1.0

We have discovered an issue with upgrading to OttoFMS 4.1.0 on windows. If you installed 4.1.0 on a new sever you are unaffected. This issue is for updated severs only.

The error shows up as a No host header found error 500 on any deployments performed from OttoDeploy

So if you haven’t upgraded to that version on windows please wait. We will be shipping 4.1.2 with a fix for this later today.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thank you


@mike_ITS this is your problem. We found it based on your bug report. Thanks


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ok… well we now think that there isn’t a problem with 4.1.0 on windows .


We try to err on the side of transparency and immediately up date people here with problems we think might impact them. But in this case we jumped the gun. This does not seem to be a problem. The problem may just be that httpServer needs to be restarted.

We still have a new version coming soon.