Yay Slack! Newby question

I have never before created a slack channel, but now we have a special channel just for Otto notifications. I got all the way to getting the Unlock your productivity potential with Slack Platform | Slack link. And I added it to the sub-deployment. So my question is do you need a different link for each sub-deployment, or can you reuse the same one?

I assume that once the deployment is started the link goes off to OttoFMS as a part of the json file so you can still close OttoDeploy. right?

Hey Fred,

You can use the same one! In fact, OttoDeploy will save the links and let you choose which one you want to add when you do it again later. It does support using a different one for different sub-deployments, as well as sending multiple sets of Slack notifications for each sub-deployment.

And yes, the link gets sent off to OttoFMS, so you do not need to keep OttoDeploy open.


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